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Frequently asked questions
by Furniture Marketing Pros
What is social media?

Social media is the virtual and most popular and widest social space today, where people can share the content they wanted to be seen, liked, spread and heard.

How social media helps the business?

Thanks to social media, companies reach more customers in a faster and cheaper way. At the same time, they can gather more solid information about the behavior and expectations of their customers and make all their strategies on reliable data.

What are social media services types?

In social media management, we create account profiles suitable for our customers and execute these profiles with a strategy and planning in line with our customers’ business plans. Increasing followers, effective post planning and sharing, instant tracking of customers’ comments and questions, drawing a lively and reliable profile, etc. These are just a few of the daily services of Social media management.

Where can I get analytical help?

When you type the service you are looking for in a search engine, the results are listed according to your region. Let's give an example; You live in and you need a car washing service. When you type “car wash”into the search engine, you will see companies that do local seo work.

How to do local SEO?

It is necessary to make some optimizations so that Google filters can detect the services users are looking for and show you to your potential customers. If you want to be included in the mapped results, you must add the location information to your targeted words.

Why should I get local SEO?

In order to be displayed in searches made within your service area, you needto do local positioning. Local positioning studies have now become a necessity in order to reach your potential customers in the region, to make your service promotions and to create brand awareness. In this way, you cansee the healthiest data that allows you to analyze the traffic sources of your customers who reach you. In addition, thanks to local positioning studies, you will be able to reach your potential audience faster.